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The Happy Place

Storin' cool shit for later viewing/use. Doan follow this. why would you?
Aug 10 '13
Bastille - Requiem for Blue Jeans

(Source: viviling)

Aug 9 '13
The Paper Kites - Bloom (Bloom)


Bloom | The Paper Kites

Aug 8 '13


Thank you to Drinking Buddies for introducing me to the sheer awesomeness of this song.

Aug 8 '13
Plants and Animals - The End of That (The End of That)


The End of That-Plants & Animals

We’re just typical people

We’re hoping to be friends, do cool stuff and be equal

I think that’s where it’s at

Aug 8 '13


From the Drinking Buddies soundtrack.

I’m speechless.

Aug 8 '13
Chvrches - Recover (Recover EP)


CHVRCHES - Recover

(Source: somadivine1)

Aug 8 '13
The Mountain Goats - No Children (Tallahassee)

(Source: overtonefairies)

Aug 8 '13
Daughter - Touch (If You Leave)


Daughter - Touch

"I’m dreaming of strangers kissing me in the night
Just so I can feel something”

Aug 8 '13
Fanfarlo - I'm A Pilot (Reservoir)

365 days of music challenge - day 133: i’m a pilot | fanfarlo

if i stay in this room / they’ll remember me for my youth / but kid, i’m a pilot / it’s all i believe in

(Source: stardustinthesky)

Aug 8 '13
Daniel Hart - Time In Time Out (Filmworks)


Time In Time Out ~ Daniel Hart

This song is from the Filmworks album by violinist Daniel Hart, a band alumnus of St. Vincent.

This is an album composed of instrumental pieces, most of which have been used in films.